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Cover in the Spanish magazine of physics 

The Spanish Journal of Physics carries on the cover of its most recent issue (Vol 36, No (2022)) the illustration by Alba de las Heras in which it is represented the generation of ultraviolet light laser beams with a double structure: vectorial by its azimuthal polarization distribution, and vortex by its transverse phase distribution

These properties are transferred to the high-frequency domain from the high-order harmonic generation process, triggered by an intense structured laser radiating from a gas jet.
You can consult more information about these properties in the “Points of interest” section of this issue of the Spanish Journal of Physics. You can also consult the article published about it, which is partially the result of the activities and research carried out in Attostructura project.

A. de las Heras, A. K. Pandey, J. San Román, J. Serrano, E. Baynard, G. Dovillaire, M. Pittman, C. G. Durfee, L. Plaja, S. Kazamias, O. Guilbaud y C. Hernández-García, “Extreme-ultraviolet Vector-vortex Beams from High Harmonic Generation”, Optica 9, 71-79 (2022).

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attoCover in the Spanish magazine of physics 

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