About our society

Understanding light around us

OSAL Student Chapter is a society for the outreach of Optics integrated by students of the University of Salamanca since its fundation in 2009. Our goal is to stimulate the curiosity about light among all audiences and promote the development of a scientific culture in our society. Hence, our activities and our scientific outreach videos are aimed at bringing the nature of light, its properties and optical phenomena closer to anyone interested, regardless of their age or knowledge. Our close collaboration with the Area of Optics allows us to offer visits to the Laboratory of Optics at the University of Salamanca in organized groups, such as primary or secondary education classes. Sometimes, we are the ones who travel to educational centers, or carry out scientific experiments in the street. On the other hand, our members have the opportunity to train in the field of Optics and Photonics, and also to build networks between students at different levels (bachelors, masters and PhD). In addition, being part of the OPTICA society facilitates contact with other student groups and, in general, with the international community in Optics and Photonics.

Our headquarters are located in the center of Salamanca (Spain), in the Trilingual Building of the Faculty of Sciences (Pl. La Merced, sn). We are mostly Physics students, who share a special interest in Optics and who believe in learning in a fun way. All our members are volunteers since we are a non-profit association. Also, we would like to contribute to build a more diverse scientific community, involving people from different cultural backgrounds, integrating people from the LGTBIQ+ community, and with equal representation of women. We hope that with this website you can get to know us better, discover our activities and outreach videos

Contact us at osal@usal.es, on the contact page or on our social media!