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Our “Future Lights” program is dedicated to students in the 5th and 6th grade of primary education. It consists of performing various simple experiments related to light and color. The objective is to bring basic concepts of Physics (and specifically Optics) closer to students. The activity consists of interactive experiences where we introduce concepts such as color and its perception, fluorescence and phosphorescence, refraction and lenses, in a very colorful way, appropriate to the level of the students. Above all, we seek that they enjoy the experience. The activity is carried out by undergraduate, master’s and doctoral students from the Faculty of Sciences, members of our association.

The approximate duration of the activity is 1.5 hours. The activity can be carried out in the Trilingual Building of the Faculty of Sciences (Modality A) or in the educational center (Modality B). In the case of being carried out in the educational center, we will need a space in which total darkness can be achieved. For greater interaction with the experiments, the maximum number of students is 25, which we divide into small groups of 4-6 students.

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