The following equipment is available in our laboratory in the Universidad de Salamanca:

  • Ti:Sapphire laser system with regenerative and multipass amplification stages, delivering 120 fs at 795 nm, maximum energy per pulse 1 mJ (@ 1 kHz) or 50 mJ (@ 10 Hz).

System of generation and amplification of ultrashort laser pulses

Main microprocessing station

  • Two working stations: the first one, for microprocessing purposes, is equipped with a four axes motorized positioning system (XYZ and Z-axis rotation) and the other one, with a partially motorized positioning system (XYZ) for shadowgraphy experiments
  • Non linear setups for conversion to visible and UV
  • Motorized optical microscope Zeiss Axio Imager Z1m
  • LIBS spectroscopy setup:
    • Andor Shamrock 303i spectrometer with three gratings and imaging
    • Intensified CCD Andor iStar 734
    • Optical setup for signal collecting

ANDOR Shamrock spectrometer with coupled iCCD iSTAR