Experimental equipment

In our facilities at the University of Salamanca we have the following equipment:


Nuestro laboratorio cuenta con dos sistemas láser de titanio:zafiro CPA cuyas salidas pueden ser configuradas para ser empleadas en las distintas líneas de investigación.

  1. Sistema láser de Ti:zafiro Spectra Physics CPA, 800 nm, con dos líneas de amplificación:

            – 1 kHz, 120 fs, 1 mJ, 10 GW (regenerativa)

            – 10 Hz, 120 fs, 60 mJ, 0.5 TW (multipaso)

Operativo desde 2003

  1. Sistema láser de Ti:zafiro Spectra Physics CPA, con una línea de amplificación:

          – 800 nm, 5 kHz, 60 fs, 1.6 mJ, 26 GW

El sistema está acoplado a un amplificador óptico paramétrico (TOPAS Prime) de alta velocidad de repetición (5 kHz) que permite sintonizar la longitud de onda del sistema láser desde 240 a 2600 nm. 

Operativo desde 2019

Laser material processing system

The processing line has two workstations with different capacities:

  • 4-axis motorized positioning system (XYZ rotation) for general purpose processing. Working wavelengths 800, 400 and 266 nm.
  • 3-axis (XYZ) motorized positioning system for manufacturing photonic devices and precision microprocessing.
LIBS Spectroscopy System
  • Andor Shamrock 303i spectrograph equipped with three diffraction gratings and the possibility of taking measurements in imaging mode.
  • Andor iStar 734 intensified CCD camera
Nonlinear microscope (under development)

Home made system that allows optical and second harmonic microscopy images to be obtained by illuminating with pulses from any of the oscillators of the laboratory’s laser systems.

Equipped with a PI Micos p-545.R8S PInano XYZ 3-axis piezoelectric sample displacement system.

Hollow fiber

Spectral broadening system for laser pulses based on hollow fiber propagation filled with different inert gases. Post-compression of the pulses by means of chirped mirrors or prisms.

Characterization techniques

Ultrashort pulse characterization systems based on the techniques developed in the group:

            – STARFISH

            – Amplitude swing

            – Starfish 3.0…

Time resolved fluorescence

In construction

Other minor equipment
  • IR and UV spectrometers
  • Potentiometers
  • M2 measurement system
  • Spiricon Profilometer
  • Motorized Optical Microscope Zeiss Axio Imager Z1m
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