The laser, the light of our time

La luz, que nunca sufre, me guía bien.

Not explaining science seems to me perverse.  When you’re in love, you want to tell the world.


With these two quotes begins the book “The laser, the light of our time“. The light, as a metaphor of knowledge, has guided us through history, scaring away myths and helping us to understand the logic underneath our universe. It is knowledge that belongs to everybody, although everybody do not have the privilege to be able to extended it.

The aim of the book is to bring to the public a general knowledge about one of the most fundamental tools of 20th century, and most likely of the 21st century as well. It is the outcome of an outreach project developed by a group of postgraduate students in optics at the University of Salamanca named OSAL. The OSAL is an association funded as a student chapter by the Optical Society of America, whose main objective is to promote optics between all the layers of society. This is how this book came to life, edited by themselves and written in collaboration with senior researchers, some of them from ALF-USAL.

Note: The book is only available in spanish.

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