Peer-review articles

It is expected that most of the results obtained during the project will be published in peer-reviewed academic journals. Following the OpenAcess policy of the European Commission and the European Research Council, publication in open access journals will be prioritized. In any case, and especially when open access publication is not possible, the articles will be shared in Gredos, the open access repository of University of Salamanca.

Information about the articles published within the project and link to the publication and the repository will be gathered below. 

Articles published within the framework of the project

Articles published in 2024

Martín-Domene, S., Sánchez-Tejerina, L., Martín-Hernández, R., & Hernández-García, C. (2024). Generation of intense, polarization-controlled magnetic fields with non-paraxial structured laser beams. Applied Physics Letters, 124(21), 211101. Cite
Martín-Hernández, R., Grünewald, L., Sánchez-Tejerina, L., Plaja, L., Conejero Jarque, E., Hernández-García, C., & Mai, S. (2024). Optical magnetic field enhancement using ultrafast azimuthally polarized laser beams and tailored metallic nanoantennas. Photonics Research, 12(5), 1078–1092. Cite
Galán, M. F., Serrano, J., Jarque, E. C., Borrego-Varillas, R., Lucchini, M., Reduzzi, M., Nisoli, M., Brahms, C., Travers, J. C., Hernández-García, C., & San Roman, J. (2024). Robust Isolated Attosecond Pulse Generation with Self-Compressed Subcycle Drivers from Hollow Capillary Fibers. ACS Photonics. Cite
García-Cabrera, A., Boyero-García, R., Zurrón-Cifuentes, Ó., Serrano, J., Román, J. S., Plaja, L., & Hernández-García, C. (2024). Topological high-harmonic spectroscopy. Communications Physics, 7(1), 28. Cite

Articles published in 2023
Sánchez-Tejerina, L., Martín-Hernández, R., Yanes, R., Plaja, L., López-Díaz, L., & Hernández-García, C. (2023). All-optical non-linear chiral ultrafast magnetization dynamics driven by circularly polarized magnetic fields. High Power Laser Science and Engineering, 1–9. Cite
de las Heras, A., Bonafé, F. P., Hernández-García, C., Rubio, A., & Neufeld, O. (2023). Tunable Tesla-Scale Magnetic Attosecond Pulses through Ring-Current Gating. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 11160–11167. Cite
Pablos-Marín, J. M., Serrano, J., & Hernández-García, C. (2023). Simulating macroscopic high-order harmonic generation driven by structured laser beams using artificial intelligence. Computer Physics Communications, 291. Cite
Shen, Y., Zhan, Q., Wright, L. G., Christodoulides, D. N., Wise, F. W., Willner, A. E., Zou, K.-H., Zhao, Z., Porras, M. A., Chong, A., Wan, C., Bliokh, K. Y., Liao, C.-T., Hernández-García, C., Murnane, M., Yessenov, M., Abouraddy, A. F., Wong, L. J., Go, M., … Forbes, A. (2023). Roadmap on spatiotemporal light fields. Journal of Optics (United Kingdom), 25(9). Cite
Bliokh, K. Y., Karimi, E., Padgett, M. J., Alonso, M. A., Dennis, M. R., Dudley, A., Forbes, A., Zahedpour, S., Hancock, S. W., Milchberg, H. M., Rotter, S., Nori, F., Özdemir, Ş. K., Bender, N., Cao, H., Corkum, P. B., Hernández-García, C., Ren, H., Kivshar, Y., … Marquardt, F. (2023). Roadmap on structured waves. Journal of Optics (United Kingdom), 25(10). Cite
Martín-Hernández, R., Hu, H., Baltuska, A., Plaja, L., & Hernández-García, C. (2023). Fourier-Limited Attosecond Pulse from High Harmonic Generation Assisted by Ultrafast Magnetic Fields. Ultrafast Science, 3. Cite
Luttmann, M., Vimal, M., Guer, M., Hergott, J.-F., Khoury, A. Z., Hernández-García, C., Pisanty, E., & Ruchon, T. (2023). Nonlinear up-conversion of a polarization Möbius strip with half-integer optical angular momentum. Science Advances, 9(12). Cite

Articles published in 2022
Pandey, A. K., de las Heras, A., Román, J. S., Serrano, J., Plaja, L., Baynard, E., Pittman, M., Dovillaire, G., Kazamias, S., Durfee, C. G., Hernández-García, C., & Guilbaud, O. (2022). Extreme-ultraviolet structured beams via high harmonic generation. The European Physical Journal Special Topics. Cite
Fu, Z., Chen, Y., Peng, S., Zhu, B., Li, B., Martín-Hernández, R., Fan, G., Wang, Y., Hernández-García, C., Jin, C., Murnane, M., Kapteyn, H., & Tao, Z. (2022). Extension of the bright high-harmonic photon energy range via nonadiabatic critical phase matching. Science Advances, 8(51), eadd7482. Cite
Marco, D., Sánchez-López, M. D. M., Hernández-García, C., & Moreno, I. (2022). Extending the degree of polarization concept to higher-order and orbital angular momentum Poincaré spheres. Journal of Optics, 24(12), 124003. Cite
Boyero-García, R., García-Cabrera, A., Zurrón-Cifuentes, O., Hernández-García, C., & Plaja, L. (2022). High-order harmonic spectroscopy of polycrystalline graphene. Opt. Mater. Express, 12(9), 3543–3550. Cite
Pandey, A. K., de las Heras, A., Larrieu, T., San Román, J., Serrano, J., Plaja, L., Baynard, E., Pittman, M., Dovillaire, G., Kazamias, S., Hernández-García, C., & Guilbaud, O. (2022). Characterization of Extreme Ultraviolet Vortex Beams with a Very High Topological Charge. ACS Photonics, 9(3), 944–951. Cite
López-Ripa, M., Sola, Í. J., & Alonso, B. (2022). Bulk lateral shearing interferometry for spatiotemporal study of time-varying ultrashort optical vortices. Photon. Res., 10(4), 922–931. Cite
Boyero-García, R., García-Cabrera, A., Zurrón-Cifuentes, O., Hernández-García, C., & Plaja, L. (2022). Non-classical high harmonic generation in graphene driven by linearly-polarized laser pulses. Opt. Express, 30(9), 15546–15555. Cite
Heras, A. de las, Pandey, A. K., Román, J. S., Serrano, J., Baynard, E., Dovillaire, G., Pittman, M., Durfee, C. G., Plaja, L., Kazamias, S., Guilbaud, O., & Hernández-García, C. (2022). Extreme-ultraviolet vector-vortex beams from high harmonic generation. Optica, 9(1), 71–79. Cite
Rego, L., Brooks, N. J., Nguyen, Q. L. D., San Roman, J., Binnie, I., Plaja, L., Kapteyn, H. C., Murnane, M. M., & Hernández-García, C. (2022). Necklace-structured high-harmonic generation for low-divergence, soft x-ray harmonic combs with tunable line spacing. Science Advances, 8(5), eabj7380. Cite

Articles published in 2021
Dorney, K. M., Fan, T., Nguyen, Q. L. D., Ellis, J. L., Hickstein, D. D., Brooks, N., Zusin, D., Gentry, C., Hernández-García, C., Kapteyn, H. C., & Murnane, M. M. (2021). Bright, single helicity, high harmonics driven by mid-infrared bicircular laser fields. Optics Express, 29(23), 38119–38128. Cite
García-Cabrera, A., Hernández-García, C., & Plaja, L. (2021). Ultrafast sub-nanometer matter-wave temporal Talbot effect. New Journal of Physics, 23(9), 093011. Cite
Sytcevich, I., Guo, C., Mikaelsson, S., Vogelsang, J., Viotti, A.-L., Alonso, B., Romero, R., Guerreiro, P. T., Sola, Í. J., L’Huillier, A., Crespo, H., Miranda, M., & Arnold, C. L. (2021). Characterizing ultrashort laser pulses with second harmonic dispersion scans. J. Opt. Soc. Am. B, 38(5), 1546–1555. Cite
Martínez-Ojeda, R. M., Hernández-García, C., & Bueno, J. M. (2021). Enhancement of second harmonic microscopy images in collagen-based thick samples using radially polarized laser beams. Optics Communications, 499, 127273. Cite
Liao, C.-T., Hernandez-Garcia, C., & Murnane, M. M. (2021). Switching the Twist in X Rays with Magnets. Physics, 14, 34. Cite
Boyero-García, R., Zurrón-Cifuentes, O., Plaja, L., & Hernández-García, C. (2021). Transverse phase matching of high-order harmonic generation in single-layer graphene. Optics Express, 29(2), 2488–2500. Cite
Chang, K.-Y., Huang, L.-C., Asaga, K., Tsai, M.-S., Rego, L., Huang, P.-C., Mashiko, H., Oguri, K., Hernández-García, C., & Chen, M.-C. (2021). High-order Nonlinear Dipole Response Characterized by Extreme-Ultraviolet Ellipsometry. Optica, 8, 484–492. Cite

Articles published in 2020
Rego, L., Hernández-García, C., Picón, A., & Plaja, L. (2020). Site-specific tunnel-ionization in high harmonic generation in molecules. New Journal of Physics, 22, 043012. Cite
Rego, L., San Román, J., Plaja, L., & Hernández-García, C. (2020). Trains of attosecond pulses structured with time-ordered polarization states. Optics Letters, 45(20), 5636–5639. Cite
Alonso, B., Lopez-Quintas, I., Holgado, W., Drevinskas, R., Kazansky, P. G., Hernández-García, C., & Sola, Í. J. (2020). Complete spatiotemporal and polarization characterization of ultrafast vector beams. Communications Physics, 3(1), 151. Cite
Shi, X., Liao, C.-T., Tao, Z., Cating-Subramanian, E., Murnane, M. M., Hernández-García, C., & Kapteyn, H. C. (2020). Attosecond light science and its application for probing quantum materials. Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, 53(18), 184008. Cite
de las Heras, A., Hernández-García, C., & Plaja, L. (2020). Spectral signature of back reaction in correlated electron dynamics in intense electromagnetic fields. Physical Review Research, 2(3), 033047. Cite
Zurrón-Cifuentes, Ó., Boyero-García, R., Hernández-García, C., & Plaja, L. (2020). High harmonic generation in armchair carbon nanotubes. Optics Express, 28(13), 19760–19771. Cite

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