Laser Aplications and Photonics


There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in

Leonard Cohen Anthem

The research group in Laser Applications and Photonics (ALF) is a recognised research group (GIR) of the University of Salamanca, and Consolidated research unit (UIC016). It was created in 2015 as a tool for promoting and managing our research lines, however the members of the group are carrying out research in high-intensity lasers from 1992.

The aim of our research is the study of matter interaction with intense ultrashort laser pulses. In the group are involved researchers from different fields (Applied physics and mechanical engineering), that introduces a interdisciplinary character in our work. We develop our work both in the theoretical and experimental fields.

In addition to our activity, we have a compromise to disclosure the outcome our work to the public. We are aware of the key role that the society and public institutions have to the development of science, and therefore we understand that our duty is to give back that help to communicate science. We believe that our effort is not only to push our country to the avant-garde research, but also that the rest of the society has quality access to our activities, in a ludic and understandable way. For that reason, you will find that this webpage is dedicated to non-specialised readers. The experienced visitor can also find specific information about our group (research lines, publications, projects, …)

We encourage you to explore this webpage, follow us in one of our social networks, and contact with us if you have any suggestions and comments.

Little by little we will build and completing the webpage with info and outreach activities for everyone!

Last NEWS and Publications


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