OP Sesion – Microscopía Multifotónica: donde cabe uno caben dos (o más)

Rosa M. Martínez-Ojeda, predoctoral researcher in the University of Murcia, will give the seminar entitled “Microscopia multifotónica: donde cabe uno caben dos (o más)” on November 25 at 13:00. The seminar will take place in classroom VII of the Edificio Trilingüe at the University of Salamanca.

OP Sesion – Relativistic Quantum Effects in Laser-Driven electrons

Julio San Román, member of the Laser and Photonic Applications group (ALF-USAL), will give the seminar entitled “Relativistic quantum effects in laser-driven electrons” on October 21 at 1:00 p.m. The seminar will be held in memory of Prof. Howard R. Reiss who passed away last August, and will take place in room VII of the

It was not everything perfect

Nowadays, the high-order harmonic generation process is an extended useful tool for the study of femtosecond dynamics. Nevertheless, there are still many doubts regarding the electron behavior inside different types of mediums. Recent studies in solid targets have revealed new scenarios with extraordinary electronic dynamics compared with atoms or molecules. The process in solids can be

Meeting in Salamanca of the Scientific Advisory Committee of ATTOSTRUCTURA project

Next August will be thirty months since the ATTOSTRUCTURA project began, which means that half of its duration has already elapsed. For this reason, the first meeting of the project’s scientific advisory committee has been held. The committee, made up of external researchers who are experts in the different fields of the project, has the

OP Session – Reservoir Computing with Quantum Systems 

Rodrigo Martínez, from the Instituto de Fisica Interdisciplinar y Sistemas Complejos (IFISC), will give the seminar entitled “Reservoir Computing with Quantum Systems” on June 09 at 12:00 a.m. The seminar will take place in Classroom IV of the Edificio Trilingüe, University of Salamanca.