The National Meeting of Optics of the year 2021 (RNO2021) will take place next week from November 22 to 24. In this online event that has more than 240 registered people and 19 sponsors, more than 200 scientific contributions will be presented.

The National Meeting of Optics (RNO) is a triennial congress organized by the Spanish Society of Optics (SEDOPTICA), which has a long history of more than 30 years. An average of 200 professionals from different specialties of Optics and Photonics in Spain converge in each RNO and it is where the latest scientific and technological advances in this field are presented.

The XIII RNO 2021, organized this year by the SEDOPTICA Women, Optics and Photonics Area, aims to maintain the high quality standards of this conference, placing special emphasis on creating a parity and attractive congress for younger researchers.

Being one of the main events related to research in the field of optics and photonics, it is an essential appointment in the calendar of the members of the Laser and Photonics Applications Group.

This year, the Laser and Photonics Applications Group present the following contributions:

  • Oral Contribution:Dispersive wave emission at a fixed wavelength through parameter scaling” (#53), A. Crego, E. Conejero Jarque and J. San Roman. Wednesday 24th (15:00 h).
  • Oral: Contribution: «Ultrafast Talbot Spectroscopy», Ana García-Cabrera, Carlos Hernández-García y Luis Plaja. Wednesday 24th (15:00 h).
  • Poster:Caracterización espaciotemporal de vórtices ópticos ultracortos” (#127), Miguel López-Ripa, Íñigo J. Sola & Benjamín Alonso. Monday 22nd (17:30-18:30h) and Tuesday 23rd (17:00-18:00h)
  • Poster:Structuring XUV Vector-Vortex Beams via High Harmonic Generation“, (#71). Alba de las Heras, Alok Kumar Pandey, Julio San Román, Javier Serrano, Elsa Baynard, Guillaume Dovillaire, Moana Pittman, Charles G. Durfee, Luis Plaja, Sophie Kazamias, Olivier Guilbaud, and Carlos HernándezGarcía. Monday 22nd (17:30-18:30h) and Tuesday 23rd (17:00-18:00h)
  • Poster: «Pressure gradients in the compression of few-cycle pulses y gas-filled hollow-core fibers». Marina Fernández Galán, Julio San Román y Enrique Conejero Jarque. Monday 22nd (17:30-18:30h) and Tuesday 23rd (17:00-18:00h)
  • Poster: «Divulgación de la óptica en tiempos de pandemia: actividades online realizadas por la OSAL student chapter.» Ana García-Cabrera, Víctor W. Segundo-Staels, Javier Prada-Rodrigo, Daniel García Carracedo, Alba de las Heras y Laura Rego. Monday 22nd (17:30-18:30h) and Tuesday 23rd (17:00-18:00h)
  • Póster. «SEDOPTICAMOF: fomentando la igualdad de género«. Rosa Ana Pérez, Ana I. Gómez, Francesca Gallazzi, Beatriz Santamaria, Alba de las Heras, María Baralida Tomás, Verónica González, Martina Delgado, y María Viñas. Monday 22nd (17:30-18:30h) and Tuesday 23rd (17:00-18:00h)

In addition, several members of the GIR Laser and Photonics Applications participate in the following spaces within RNO2021:

  • Assembly of the Committee of Quantum Optics and Nonlinear Optics. Monday 22nd (19:30-20:30h). During this assembly, the new Board of Directors of the Committee will be elected. Carlos Hernández – Garcia and Alba de las Heras appear as members of the committee, as president and student member respectively.
  • Round table: Ibero-American Meeting of OPTICA chapters. Wednesday 24th (17:00- 18:00h)
  • RNO Young. Activity «Óptica sin limites«. Tuesday 23rd (14:05-14:55h) (Ana García Cabrera)
  • RNO Young. Activity «Conecta y LúZete«. Tuesday 23rd (14:55-16:00h) (Miguel López Ripa)

All the details of the congress can be consulted on its website. You can also follow the event through the Twitter account of the XIII National Optics Meeting and the hashtag #RNO2021.

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