Meeting in Salamanca of the Scientific Advisory Committee of ATTOSTRUCTURA project

Next August will be thirty months since the ATTOSTRUCTURA project began, which means that half of its duration has already elapsed.

For this reason, the first meeting of the project’s scientific advisory committee has been held. The committee, made up of external researchers who are experts in the different fields of the project, has the objective of evaluating the development of the project, the results obtained to date and, if necessary, proposing changes or modifications in the lines of research. In this way, it is intended to ensure that the project achieves the best possible results while maintaining the highest level of excellence.

The members of the scientific advisory committee are:

  • Prof. Jon Marangos (chairman) –  Imperial College (London, UK)
  • Dra. Alicia Palacios – Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Madrid, Spain)
  • Prof. Misha Ivanov – Instituto Max Born de Óptica No Lineal y Espectroscopía de Pulso Corto en la Asociación de Investigación de Berlín (Berlin, Germany)
  • Catedrático Jamal Berakdar – Instituto de Física, Universidad Martin-Luther (Halle – Wittenberg, Germany)

The meeting, which took place on Friday, July 22, in the Board Room of the Faculty of Sciences, began with an open-door session in which the status of the project and the main results obtained to date were presented. The videos of that session will be available on the project website.

On the occasion of the meeting, Carlos Hernández García (principal investigator of the project) speaks in this video recorded by the audiovisual services of the University of Salamanca, about the project, its objectives and the results obtained.

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adminMeeting in Salamanca of the Scientific Advisory Committee of ATTOSTRUCTURA project

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